What Are The Common Defenses to Breach of Contract? Business Law | Contract Law

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You've signed a contract, and things aren't going the way you'd hoped. But, in some instances, you can be excused from breaching the contract. In this live video, we discuss the common defenses and what they can mean to your business. You won't necessarily be sued for breach of contract but it is important [...]

Will Getting Sued Shut Down Your Business? Business Litigation | Closing a Business | Trial

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Lawsuits are never fun but will they force you to shut down your business? In this video, we discuss business litigation and how it can potentially affect your business. You might be closing a business or filing bankruptcy.

Small Business Lawsuits: What Are My Chances of Getting Sued? | Answered by a Lawyer

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It's important that you are prepared for when you are sued. Tune in to find out what your chances of being sued or suing are. It's not a matter of if but when you will have to deal with a lawsuit. Litigation is not fun, but you can take steps to prevent being involved [...]