5 of the Most Common Defenses to Breach of Contracts

In this video, we will cover 5 of the most common defenses to breach of contracts. These defenses include consent, mistake, misrepresentation, duress, and estoppel.

If you’ve made a mistake while contracting, or someone has forced you to contract in a way you didn’t want to, these are the defenses you can use to protect yourself. By learning about these defenses, you’ll be better prepared to defend yourself in the event of a breach of contract!

You’ve signed a contract, and things aren’t going as you’d hoped. But, in some instances, you can be excused from breaching the contract. This live video discusses common defenses and what they can mean to your business. Of course, you won’t necessarily be sued for breach of contract, but it is essential that you are familiar with this area of business law.

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