Meet Taylor Darcy

Years ago, as Taylor grappled with his academic pursuits in technology, a higher calling beckoned. While the intricate webs of calculus sidetracked a path in computer science, Taylor’s passion found a different avenue. Recalling the challenges his parents faced in running their business – the tireless search for clients and the relentless pressure of bills – Taylor identified his true purpose.

Instead of codes and algorithms, Taylor chose the realms of business, law, and advocacy. He realized that while he may not touch the lives of everyone, he had the power to redefine the world for countless businesses. This was the genesis of Think Legal, P.C.

Taylor was undeterred by the daunting years of dedication and education ahead. A singular goal drove him: to simplify complexities, amplify profitability, and, above all, make a tangible difference in the lives of businesses and their employees.

At the heart of Think Legal, P.C. lies Taylor’s relentless pursuit of being not just a lawyer but a beacon of support and clarity in the intricate legal landscape.

How it All Began

Fueled by a vision to make a difference in the business world, Taylor Darcy embarked on his academic journey with a Master of Business Administration program. Recognizing the perennial challenge businesses faced – capital management, he tailored his studies to financial management. It wasn’t just about textbooks and lectures; Taylor’s capstone achievement was drafting an insightful business plan, laying the groundwork for what was to come.

Upon completing his MBA, the allure of law beckoned. Taylor then found himself amidst the halls of the California Western School of Law in San Diego. Instead of merely traversing the legal curriculum, Taylor chose to specialize, dedicating himself to a Business Law Concentration and not just completing it, but doing so with notable honors.

With his formidable academic arsenal, Taylor inaugurated Think Legal, P.C., not as a mere legal firm, but as a beacon for businesses and individuals, guiding them through the labyrinth of legal intricacies.

Juris Doctor – Business Law Concentration (Honors) – California Western School of Law
Master of Business Administration – Financial Management – National University
Master of Forensic Science – Investigations – National University
Bachelor of Arts – Criminology and Justice Studies – California State University – San Marcos

Adjunct Professor – Business Law – Southwestern Community College

State Bar of California
United States District Court Southern District of California
United States District Court Central District of California
United States Bankruptcy Court Southern District of California
United States Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit

Early Years

The narrative of Taylor Darcy is interwoven with memories of a significant move in his childhood. At the age of twelve, he and his family traded the familiar terrains of Utah for the sun-kissed climes of California in the summer of 1989. The scenic allure of San Diego, where one could relish the warmth of December in a mere T-shirt, was a world apart from their chilly Utah winters.

As the family settled, Taylor’s father ventured into the carpet cleaning industry, mastering his craft under the guidance of the seasoned Woodfield Brothers Chem-Dry. His prowess did not go unnoticed, leading him to associate with The Carpet Consultants, a sister entity to Woodfield. North County, San Diego, with its burgeoning demand, soon beckoned, prompting The Carpet Consultants to offer the family the chance to oversee operations there.

This was the genesis of “The Carpet Consultants of Escondido.” A venture independently owned by the family but operating under a recognizable name. Young Taylor wasn’t merely a spectator; he was an active participant, delving deep into the business dynamics, witnessing the highs and inevitable lows.

Parallel to this entrepreneurial immersion, Taylor was nurturing another passion: technology. Recognized as the family’s go-to IT aficionado, he seamlessly merged tech solutions with everyday problems. This tech-savvy approach flowed into his professional endeavors too. At Think Legal, P.C., technology isn’t just an accessory; it’s the backbone, ensuring optimum service delivery with cost-efficiency.