7 Elements You Need to Include in EVERY Contract | Contract Elements

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You've seen a contract. Hopefully, you're using a contract but if not tune in to this live video to find out these crucial elements you need to include in each contract. You could have some problems you can easily prevent.

WARNING: These 9 Mistakes Will Destroy Your Business Contracts

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You don't know it yet, but these contract mistakes can be very expensive for your business. If you've made these errors whether intentional or unintentional, they can have some serious consequences for your bottom line. Tune in to find how what these mistakes are and how to fix them! [...]

Exact Steps to Creating a Legally Binding Contract

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It's a crazy concept but having a legally binding contract is crucial if you're going to be successful in business. In this live video we go through the exact steps you need to take to create that awesome contract (the kind legends are written about, hahaha). If you are a business owner (or contract [...]

Proof Business Contracts Work | Formal Contracts | Obligations and Contracts

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If it goes without saying, it usually goes better with saying! Contracts can literally save your business, life, and sanity! Tune in to find out that contracts really do work! Some people believe that a handshake is all you need and sometimes that's true; however formal contracts are a better way to handle business. [...]

How I Improved My Small Business Contracts In One Easy Lesson

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A poorly drafted contract can destroy your business (no that's not hyperbole). It's important to pay attention to the little things in your contracts because those little things can become major issues when you need to enforce your contract. In this video, we talk about how to improve your contracts so you won't be [...]

Are You Making These Small Business Contract Mistakes? Contract Drafting | Obligations and Contracts

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Contracts can be confusing. The problem is that a poorly drafted contract can have terrible consequences for your business. As an entrepreneur, you cannot afford to get your contracts wrong. In this YouTube live, we discuss common contract mistakes and what you can do to fix them. Prepare to get a lesson in contract [...]

Everything You Wanted to Know About Small Business Contracts But Were Afraid to Ask

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Knowing the details of a contract can be scary. Should you put in this provision or that provision? In this video, we discuss business contracts to make sure you are protected.

7 Tips for Creating Amazing Contracts | Small Business | Business Law | Entrepreneurship

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Creating a good contract for your business can be challenging. In this video, we discuss seven tips for creating amazing contracts. These seven tips can save you time and money and even your small business. Just because entrepreneurship is difficult doesn't mean you can't protect yourself with contract law. [...]