Before You Give An Employee A Raise…WATCH THIS!

Are you finally in a place to give that long-overdue raise to that rockstar employee? Before you do, make sure to watch this video. Giving an employee a raise can have some expected legal consequences. Tune in to find out how a raise can affect your business. Asking for a raise can be intimidating for […]

5 Things You Need To Do AFTER Starting a Limited Liability Company (LLC)

So, you’ve started an LLC. Now what? In this episode, we go over the next steps to make sure that you are ready to go and have a strong foundation to keep your new limited liability company (LLC) running like a well-oiled machine! NOTICE: The information on this website does not constitute legal […]

How To Form A Limited Liability Company (LLC)? Are you a sole proprietor running a business? Have you considered transitioning to an LLC? Check out this video that will walk you through the steps required to get started or make the transition. Let me know if you have any questions in the comments below. I’m here to help. NOTICE: The information on […]