7 Elements You Need to Include in EVERY Contract | Contract Elements

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You've seen a contract. Hopefully, you're using a contract but if not tune in to this live video to find out these crucial elements you need to include in each contract. You could have some problems you can easily prevent.

WARNING: These 9 Mistakes Will Destroy Your Business Contracts

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You don't know it yet, but these contract mistakes can be very expensive for your business. If you've made these errors whether intentional or unintentional, they can have some serious consequences for your bottom line. Tune in to find how what these mistakes are and how to fix them! [...]

7 Tips When Buying a Business

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These tips are going to make your entrepreneurial dreams come true a whole lot quicker! Armed with this business buying knowledge you will be prepared to make the best decisions and get exactly what you want! If you've been thinking about starting a business these tips can help you get there pretty fast. [...]

Exact Steps to Creating a Legally Binding Contract

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It's a crazy concept but having a legally binding contract is crucial if you're going to be successful in business. In this live video we go through the exact steps you need to take to create that awesome contract (the kind legends are written about, hahaha). If you are a business owner (or contract [...]

Amazing Reasons Why You Should Buy a Business

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Starting a business can be overwhelming. Perhaps, buying a business might be a better idea. Tune in live to find out these amazing reasons why you should buy a business instead of starting a business. Some people think you have to have a lot of money to buy a business, that's not true. Depending [...]

Which is Better? Buying a Business or Starting a Business | Buy a Business

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You've decided you want to become an entrepreneur. You're tired of working for someone else. In this video, we discuss, which is better, buying a business or starting a business?

Before You Sell Your Business…WATCH THIS!

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You've worked hard to build your business. You've worked long hours nurturing and developing your small business. It's time to move on and do something different or you want to retire. In this video, we discuss the steps you should take before you sell your business.