Exact Steps to Creating a Legally Binding Contract

This video will walk you through creating a legally binding contract. Contracts are a crucial part of business, and it’s essential to create a properly-formal contract. This video will walk you through creating a contract from beginning to end. After watching this video, you’ll be able to create a legally binding contract that benefits both […]

Corporation vs S-Corporation – What are the differences?


https://youtu.be/I6vf4qYzlEg Starting your own business?  Trying to decide what type of business entity?  Confused about the differences between a corporation or an s-corporation?  It’s important to know the differences because it can have a drastic impact on your success. Check out today’s video! It lays down vital information when you are just starting out. Leave […]

What Are The Advantages and Disadvantages of a Corporation?


https://youtu.be/1ZD-3V-Fkts It’s not all rainbows and sunshine when it comes to forming a corporation.  This video explores the advantages and disadvantages of a corporation.  Make sure to check it out so you know what you are getting yourself into! If you have any questions feel free to leave them below! NOTICE: The information on this […]

How Do Corporations Work?


https://youtu.be/mPjpDdNeXLo Want to start your own corporation? Confused about all the “lingo”? What’s a shareholder? A board of directors? An executive? What is limited liability? Check out the video below, it will help you decide. NOTICE: The information on this website does not constitute legal advice. You should not rely on any information without seeking […]

When Should You Form A Corporation?

https://youtu.be/ppA0h–ONHA Confused about what a corporation is or a limited liability company?  Is it even more confusing when you should use one instead of the other?  It is hard to know what is the right business entity for your business needs. Check out this video! I lay it all down so you know when you […]