Do I Need An Attorney? San Diego Business Lawyer Answers | Think Legal, P.C.

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There are more online resources than ever, but how do you know if you need an attorney in the first place? In this live video, we will talk about those times when the internet is not your friend.

Know the Differences Between a “Good” Lawyer and a “Bad” Lawyer

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Choosing legal counsel can be nerve-racking. Will they fight for you or just their bottom line? It's tough to tell when you don't have a lot of information to go on. Sure, you can get referrals but what are the differences between a good lawyer and a bad one? Can you find out before [...]

It’s Possible to be a Lawyer and NOT a Jerk!

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Contrary to popular media most attorneys are not like they are portrayed on television. In fact, if lawyers acted like their media counterparts, they would likely be disbarred. In this live video, we are going live to talk about the differences between attorneys portrayed on tv and real life. If you've ever wondered if [...]

What to Look for When You Need an Attorney Fast!

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Let's face it, life can change at a moment's notice. If you need a lawyer fast (i.e., yesterday), you need to focus on these few things. Finding an attorney doesn't have to be challenging if you know what you are looking for, but if not, it can be disastrous. Avoid the mad dash to [...]

How I Improved My Small Business Contracts In One Easy Lesson

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A poorly drafted contract can destroy your business (no that's not hyperbole). It's important to pay attention to the little things in your contracts because those little things can become major issues when you need to enforce your contract. In this video, we talk about how to improve your contracts so you won't be [...]