Tactical Startup Episode #16 – Failure is inevitable. Defeat is optional.

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How will you deal with failure? As an entrepreneur, you face insurmountable odds. You are going to fail. Are you going to get back up or lay down? In this Tactical Startup podcast episode, we discuss how to deal with failure. It starts by removing the bricks that weigh us down or at least [...]

Tactical Startup Podcast Episode 5 – Automation

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Automation [00:00:00] Taylor: [00:00:00] Hello, and welcome to Tactical Startup. I'm your host, Taylor Darcy. Today. We're going to be talking about automation and what it can do for your business. This is one of those things that you can get lost in the weeds on. but it's important that every, business owner recognized [...]

Podcast Episode 4 – Estate Planning For Business Owners with Viviana Oropeza “Attorney in Heels”

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[00:00:00] Taylor: [00:00:00] Hello, and welcome to Tactical Startup. I'm your host, Taylor Darcy.  Today we have on our podcast Viviana, Oropeza.  She is the lead attorney for Attorney in Heels.  She and I went to law school together. She does business and estate planning.  We are excited to have her on because this [...]

Podcast Episode 2 – Fail – Fail Faster – Fail Forward – Fail For Free

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[00:00:00] Taylor: [00:00:00] Hello. Welcome back. This is Taylor Darcy coming to you after the last episode talking about your goals as an entrepreneur. Or rather keeping the end in mind. What's your purpose? Why are you starting a business? What is your goal is to have a disposable income, or is it to [...]

Podcast Episode 1 – Starting With The End In Mind

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[00:00:00] Taylor: [00:00:00] Hello, my name is Taylor Darcy. I'm a California licensed attorney. I have been helping small businesses and entrepreneurs since before many of you were born. My parents were serial entrepreneurs, so I have a unique insight into their struggles, living it as a teenager, as well as growing up, they started [...]