Client Friendly Pricing for Business and Corporate Law

At Think Legal, P.C., we proudly offer a flat-fee billing structure to simplify the process of business and corporate law for our valued clientele. In addition, we work on a personal level with our clients to develop a customized flat-fee price for our specialized legal services with every matter.

Before starting anything on a business law matter, our clients know exactly what to expect concerning billing to accomplish their unique objectives. Therefore, during our initial consultation, our professional team will get to know your situation, goals, and expectations. From there, our attorneys will develop a custom legal strategy for your individual situation. Finally, they discuss and agree to a flat fee structure for your matter without any billing surprises.

Unlike traditional law firms who bill by the hour, our flat fee structure allows us to focus on your unique situation while expediting an effective resolution to your business matters. Because we bill with a simple flat fee structure does not mean that we bargain with quality.  Business law matters are complex and require the expertise and experience required to produce results. At Think Legal, P.C., our seasoned legal team does the heavy lifting to accomplish the objectives for even the most complicated business law and dispute resolution proceedings.

Additional Out of Pocket Business and Corporate Law Expenses

Have you worked with other attorneys who consistently charge for minor expenses during the course of their legal work? At Think Legal, P.C., our goal is to handle your business matter with minimal additional cost. We make a commitment to our clients for quality legal work at a reasonable price. This includes:

  • No additional charges for mailing services, copying fees, or courier services
  • No additional charges for phone and fax services

Best of all, we happily provide cutting-edge technology to all of our clients with constant access to their case files and progress via our secure server, all at no additional cost to our clientele.


Estimates of Business and Corporate Law Fees

With our Think Legal, P.C., Flat Fee Billing, we happily assist our clientele with estimates of potential fees on normal matters and case types. These estimates are not accurate to define the cost of your exact, unique case and its objectives, but rather to provide a guideline with respect to what common business and corporate law services typically cost here at Think Legal, P.C. For specific information and counsel with respect to your case, please contact one of our legal professionals today.

Contracts and Agreements

Business Entity Formation

Securities Compliance

Getting outside investors can be crucial if want your business to grow.  Complying with securities law is imperative to running a successful business.

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