Taylor Darcy, J.D., M.B.A.


Early Years

Taylor Darcy’s story began back when he was approximately twelve years old. His family moved from Utah to California in June of 1989.  They loved the sunshine and beauty of San Diego.  His family marveled that you could walk outside on December 25th and wear just a t-shirt.  It was such a dramatic change from what they had experienced while in Utah.

Taylor’s father began working as a carpet cleaner.  His father learned the trade from an already established company – Woodfield Brothers Chem-Dry.  Taylor’s father enjoyed the work and was good at it.

Eventually, his father began working for The Carpet Consultants, a sister company of Woodfield Brothers Chem-Dry.  They had so much work in North County, San Diego, that they could not do it all. So the Carpet Consultants asked his father if he wanted to take over the North County area since Taylor’s family lived there.

Thus,  The Carpet Consultants of Escondido was born.  His parents used the name, but they solely owned it.  Taylor helped his parents with the business.  It was a unique opportunity to see how a company was run.  Taylor saw firsthand the ups and downs of a business.

While growing up, Taylor began his lifelong affinity for technology.  He became the family Information Technology (IT) wizard, often solving problems that family members had already tried to fix.  He has always used technology to excel in whatever he accomplished.  Think Legal, P.C., uses a tool to deliver the best possible service at the lowest possible price.

Think Legal Conception

Many years ago, Taylor was trying to decide out how he wanted to contribute to the world.  Because of his love of technology, he had decided to become a computer scientist, but then calculus thwarted that goal.  Calculus was a required course for the science classes he needed, and most graduate schools needed it.  After taking calculus several times, he realized that a computer science degree was just not possible.

Taylor realized that he did not have to earn a computer science degree to contribute to the world. Taylor remembered what it felt like to struggle with his parents’ business. He remembered the frustration that came with trying to find clients and pay the bills.  Taylor realized that helping companies was his opportunity to change the world.

Taylor realized that he might not change everyone’s world, but he could change the world for businesses. So the dream of Think Legal, P.C., began.  Taylor knew that it would take years of hard work and education, but in the end, if he could make life easier and businesses more profitable, it could be life-changing for those businesses and employees.

Think Legal, P.C. Beginnings

Taylor Darcy began his journey to opening Think Legal, P.C., by enrolling in a Master of Business Administration program.  He decided that financial management was the area he could help businesses the most.  After all, the one thing he knew was that companies always struggled with having enough capital. So Taylor completed the degree by writing a business plan.

After earning his MBA, Taylor went on to California Western School of Law in San Diego, California.  Taylor spent his time working towards a Business Law Concentration. He earned the concentration with honors.

Taylor Darcy opened Think Legal, P.C., to help businesses succeed. Think Legal, P.C., helps entrepreneurs, startups, small and medium businesses with their legal needs.


Juris Doctor – Business Law Concentration (Honors) – California Western School of Law
Master of Business Administration – Financial Management – National University
Master of Forensic Science – Investigations  – National University
Bachelor of Arts – Criminology and Justice Studies – California State University – San Marcos

Volunteer Work

Volunteer  – Access to Law Initiative
Board of Directors Member – Access to Independence


Adjunct Professor – Business Law – Southwestern Community College


State Bar of California
United States District Court Southern District of California
United States Bankruptcy Court Southern District of California










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